The Comparator

After his family was brutally brow-beat within an inch of their lives, Alex donned a cape and a mask, and became… The Comparator!

Sure, most villains were thoroughly confused when he started talking about apples and oranges, or the quality of Mac OS X in relations to Windows 8, but hey, while they were confuzzled, he made his move! The bad guys stood not a chance against he who compared one thing to another… The Comparator!

But what is a Comparator without a Compadre, a Companion, if you will, a… Chum. Now, craigslist might be a good way to find a Lil’ Comparor buddy, or maybe just browsing the /r/compare channel of reddit, but instead the The Comparator set up a web site at, with the hopes of finding others who love to compare things.

But what? 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) versus Star Trek (2009)? Dammit, Jim! 2001 better be better and win that one! Metropolis (1927) versus Donnie Darko (2001)? Damn, that’s a tough one!

Right now The Comparator is starting with movies, but I can see it branching out to include, well, anything. Even certain fruits or fruit-based operating systems. Check it out, and if you like it (or hate it) give them some feedback!

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One word. Just one word… that’s all she had time for, and that word: Bovada.

She was sure of herself, sure of where she was going, and what she was doing, and she had one thing on her mind. Bovada.

She was a sucker for a good video. Some women like books, some enjoy a warm summer evening, but this girl loved a good video, and when it came to poker, she demanded the best.

We’d been through hell and back with broken bones and a broken axle, along the way there were wins and losses, and even a few burritos, but through it all we were certain of one thing, one thing…

Tattoo parlors, dive bars, the finest motors cars, and luxury hotels, they all had their part in our story, but without a doubt, the one things we had, the one thing we’ll always have, is… Bovada Poker.

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Gambling… Online!

After the rain stopped, we jumped into the Camaro and headed east. With a case of Mountain Dew, a bag of chips, and $200 bucks between us, we had dreams… big dreams, but alas, $200 buck doesn’t go too far when your luck runs out, and when you run out of gas, that’s the end of the line.

Sure, there’s always another road to be taken, and travels to be experienced, but why bother? With, there’s really no need to fire up the Camaro with the soda and the chips and the cash… You can just hit up some gambling sites (online!) and not even leave your computer.

Besides, we’ve all got computers, but I’m not even sure if anyone owns a Camaro anymore!

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John Ferraro means Business!

You want to know about business? I’ll tell you who knows about business…
John Ferraro E&Y

Businessweek knows, and you should know too, John Ferraro means Business!

Business involves a lot of processes, and besides profits and losses and balance sheets, there’s vision, and determination, and that “gut feeling” thing that not everyone has. Not every is cut out for business, but when you think of “business” you should think of John Ferraro.

I’ve been involved in business, and sometimes it’s not pretty. Sure, the movies make it look so glamorous, but there’s a dark side to business, and if you need someone to navigate the business world, you can do no better than John Ferraro. He means Business!

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Killer Computer, yo!

I normally consider computers to be amazing devices that enhance and even save lives, but like anything, there’s a good and a bad, and your computer using habits could be causing health issues, so you know, it’s worth knowing what these issues are, and we therefore present this useful infographic on the subject.


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Vinyl Banners

The following is a paid review: Yeah, that’s right, today we’re talking about vinyl banners.

Just a few weeks ago we held a little event known at BarCamp, and since we needed to let people know where it was, we got some large vinyl banners suitable for attaching to the outside of the building. I know you’re wondering how we attached them to the outside of the building, well… it wasn’t duct tape. Duct tape is terrible in every way. We used gaff tape. Gaff tape is better than duct tape in every way. I highly recommend it.

And vinyl? It’s pretty tough! It doesn’t really tear easily, and it’s pretty weatherproof. Rain, snow, hail… they shouldn’t cause any damage. Strong stuff!

Oh, you might also want to get your vinyl banners with grommets in them, which will allow you to attach them to things using rope, twine, string, wire, zip ties, or something else. I mean, these will all be fine if you don’t have gaff tape handy. (By the way, gaff tape comes in black and white. Choose the one one that works for you!)

So yeah, here’s the deal… if you were to look for a place to get vinyl banners from, you might just try going to because, you know, I mean, it seems like the guys at would know a thing or two about vinyl banners, right? Right.

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Cop’s Closet for 5.11 Tactical Gear

You need 5.11 Tactical Gear? Look no further than Cop’s Closet!

Cop’s Closet is owned by Cops, for Cops. Yeah, they’re serious. You want more? Check out their About Us page. Having the right gear at the best price is what they do. Ex-police officer, ex-military, these guys know 5.11 Tactical Gear like nobody else!

What that’s? You say you don’t need tactical gear? Everyone needs tactical gear! Check out this 5.11 Tactical TDU 1.75 inch Belt… no metal! That’s what I want next time I have to go through security at the airport.

And here’s something I won’t bring to the airport, but who doesn’t want a 5.11 Tactical Side Kick Boot Knife? You wanna be ready for anything right? Yes. Yes, you do…

ASP Pink Handcuffs? They got ‘em. (In face it’s one of their most popular style of handcuffs!)

Pink Pepperspray Keychain by Sabre? Yup. And, it supports the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

I’m pretty confident in saying that Cop’s Closet is the best public safety uniform and equipment industry web site I’ve ever had the privilege to browse through. These guys are the real deal…

Do it now. Check out (You can even ‘like’ them on Facebook.)

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2008 Honda Civic Hybrid

The following is a paid review: When it comes to cars, we need to think about the future…. The future, Conan? Yeah, that’s right, the future! To a day when cars will not run on that silly gasoline anymore. We need to start building for the future, and someday we might all be driving in electric cars… but for now, we can start preparing for the future by driving hybrid cars… Cars like the 2008 honda civic hybrid.

It’s no secret that I drive a Honda CR-V, and while it’s 9 years old, and has it’s faults, I love it. Honda makes good cars… and now they make hybrid cars. Heck, if I had the cash in hand, I wouldd run out today and replace my Honda with a hybrid car. Let’s all work together to save the planet… your kids will thank you, and so will I.

And while were on the subject of kids… I know many of us grew up expecting flying cars, and that didn’t happen, and we are angry, but now… we have a chance. Tell your kids about the future, where they will be driving electric cars, and buying gasoline will be something they won’t have to deal with, just a memory of the past, and the air will be clean, and we won’t go to war over oil. Hybrids are a good start, get one if you can!

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Web Hosting Pal

The following is a paid review: Too much information… Can you really have too much information, or is it really just a matter of not enough time… If you’re looking for information on choosing a web hosting provider, you should check out Web Hosting Pal.

Web Hosting Pal has reviews of web hosting companies, and yeas, there is a ton of information. I know, you think you can just ask a few friends who they use and get the scoop, and hey, that might work, but Web Hosting Pal… man, those dudes are your Pals! I looked up Globat and it said “Globat has been removed for too many complaints” how awesome is that? It’s like one of your bros looking out for you. “Dude, you wanna host with XYZ Hosting Biz? Run, run fast! They suck hard!” yeah… that’s the kind of information I am talking about!

Right now they have a top 10 list of web hosting companies, but I’m hoping that gets expanded in the future. Why not the top 50, or heck, even the bottom 50? You gotta know who to avoid just as much as who to go with, right?

The focus seems to be on low-priced hosting packages, which is good, because that is what most beginners need, and need to know about. If you’re running as root on you own VPS instance, you might not get as much value from Web Hosting Pal, but if you are just starting out, and have no friends to ask, hit up Web Hosting Pal and see if you can learn a few things. Deal? Yes… got it.

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Air Ambulance

The following is a paid review: I hear the clock ticking ticking ticking on the shelf behind me… It could mean only one thing… time was running out!

There were not a lot of options. She needed medical attention, but not just any medical attention, medical attention that could only be found in a far away land, and we had to get there. Fast.

Things were getting worse, and I knew that no automobile or watercraft was going to get us there in time… but we had one hope, and that hope rested on an air ambulance service.

But where would one find an air ambulance service at this time of night? Wait! What’s this? A web site that can provide information? Why, it’s air ambulance service! Yes! Our prayers were answered…

We were able to charter a flight from New York to Hawaii and get the critical care we needed. While we started to worry about her fading fast during a cross-country road trip, our worries turned to relief knowing that she would get the medical care possible while flying in an airplane, all thanks to the amazing powers of the air ambulance service.

Now an air ambulance service is not for everyone. I mean, if you don’t care about your loved ones, then by all means, put them on a bus, or charter a small fishing boat, and see if they survive the trip. But come on, that’s just not right! If you care about someone, damn the expenses! Charter a flight and get them on an air ambulance. They’ll thank you for it when they’re recovering, and they’ll remember it in their later years when they are giving away their millions… and you’ll be right there in line to get what’s due… all thanks to air ambulance service.

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