The Tennis Channel

The following is a paid review: I’ve played tennis before, and I sort of know how. Even though my wife will tell you I do not know how to play tennis, I think I do. (Though it does make me very tired, what with all the running around.) In high school we’d play HOME RUN where you would try to hit the tennis ball over the fence, and then spend at least 5 minutes fetching it from the weeds. It was fun. Last Summer when we went to play tennis at the local park, I was sitting on a bench off to the side of the court drinking from a water bottle and all of a sudden WHAM! Emma slams a tennis ball straight into my throat. Water everywhere, and I sorta choked a little bit, but was fine. Emma felt bad but I laughed it off. I’m sure it looked hilarious to bystanders. My wife likes to watch tennis on TV, I am going to recommend to her. Tennis is pretty exciting to watch. The Tennis Channel is a cable TV channel offering 24 hour tennis coverage. It is available in most parts of the US. I don’t know if we have it, cuz I had to drop all our sports channels to get a faster net connection, all the better to browse I guess! I like the photos the best, they are hilarious. I’ve worked with sports photographers, and I know it’s hard, these are great shots! If you want tennis news or scores, they have that stuff too. There are also message boards and a ‘court finder’ and other stuff that would definitely appeal to the tennis freak in your life.

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