Air Ambulance

The following is a paid review: I hear the clock ticking ticking ticking on the shelf behind me… It could mean only one thing… time was running out!

There were not a lot of options. She needed medical attention, but not just any medical attention, medical attention that could only be found in a far away land, and we had to get there. Fast.

Things were getting worse, and I knew that no automobile or watercraft was going to get us there in time… but we had one hope, and that hope rested on an air ambulance service.

But where would one find an air ambulance service at this time of night? Wait! What’s this? A web site that can provide information? Why, it’s air ambulance service! Yes! Our prayers were answered…

We were able to charter a flight from New York to Hawaii and get the critical care we needed. While we started to worry about her fading fast during a cross-country road trip, our worries turned to relief knowing that she would get the medical care possible while flying in an airplane, all thanks to the amazing powers of the air ambulance service.

Now an air ambulance service is not for everyone. I mean, if you don’t care about your loved ones, then by all means, put them on a bus, or charter a small fishing boat, and see if they survive the trip. But come on, that’s just not right! If you care about someone, damn the expenses! Charter a flight and get them on an air ambulance. They’ll thank you for it when they’re recovering, and they’ll remember it in their later years when they are giving away their millions… and you’ll be right there in line to get what’s due… all thanks to air ambulance service.

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