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The following is a paid review: Too much information… Can you really have too much information, or is it really just a matter of not enough time… If you’re looking for information on choosing a web hosting provider, you should check out Web Hosting Pal.

Web Hosting Pal has reviews of web hosting companies, and yeas, there is a ton of information. I know, you think you can just ask a few friends who they use and get the scoop, and hey, that might work, but Web Hosting Pal… man, those dudes are your Pals! I looked up Globat and it said “Globat has been removed for too many complaints” how awesome is that? It’s like one of your bros looking out for you. “Dude, you wanna host with XYZ Hosting Biz? Run, run fast! They suck hard!” yeah… that’s the kind of information I am talking about!

Right now they have a top 10 list of web hosting companies, but I’m hoping that gets expanded in the future. Why not the top 50, or heck, even the bottom 50? You gotta know who to avoid just as much as who to go with, right?

The focus seems to be on low-priced hosting packages, which is good, because that is what most beginners need, and need to know about. If you’re running as root on you own VPS instance, you might not get as much value from Web Hosting Pal, but if you are just starting out, and have no friends to ask, hit up Web Hosting Pal and see if you can learn a few things. Deal? Yes… got it.

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