2008 Honda Civic Hybrid

The following is a paid review: When it comes to cars, we need to think about the future…. The future, Conan? Yeah, that’s right, the future! To a day when cars will not run on that silly gasoline anymore. We need to start building for the future, and someday we might all be driving in electric cars… but for now, we can start preparing for the future by driving hybrid cars… Cars like the 2008 honda civic hybrid.

It’s no secret that I drive a Honda CR-V, and while it’s 9 years old, and has it’s faults, I love it. Honda makes good cars… and now they make hybrid cars. Heck, if I had the cash in hand, I wouldd run out today and replace my Honda with a hybrid car. Let’s all work together to save the planet… your kids will thank you, and so will I.

And while were on the subject of kids… I know many of us grew up expecting flying cars, and that didn’t happen, and we are angry, but now… we have a chance. Tell your kids about the future, where they will be driving electric cars, and buying gasoline will be something they won’t have to deal with, just a memory of the past, and the air will be clean, and we won’t go to war over oil. Hybrids are a good start, get one if you can!

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