Cop’s Closet for 5.11 Tactical Gear

You need 5.11 Tactical Gear? Look no further than Cop’s Closet!

Cop’s Closet is owned by Cops, for Cops. Yeah, they’re serious. You want more? Check out their About Us page. Having the right gear at the best price is what they do. Ex-police officer, ex-military, these guys know 5.11 Tactical Gear like nobody else!

What that’s? You say you don’t need tactical gear? Everyone needs tactical gear! Check out this 5.11 Tactical TDU 1.75 inch Belt… no metal! That’s what I want next time I have to go through security at the airport.

And here’s something I won’t bring to the airport, but who doesn’t want a 5.11 Tactical Side Kick Boot Knife? You wanna be ready for anything right? Yes. Yes, you do…

ASP Pink Handcuffs? They got ‘em. (In face it’s one of their most popular style of handcuffs!)

Pink Pepperspray Keychain by Sabre? Yup. And, it supports the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

I’m pretty confident in saying that Cop’s Closet is the best public safety uniform and equipment industry web site I’ve ever had the privilege to browse through. These guys are the real deal…

Do it now. Check out (You can even ‘like’ them on Facebook.)

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