Vinyl Banners

The following is a paid review: Yeah, that’s right, today we’re talking about vinyl banners.

Just a few weeks ago we held a little event known at BarCamp, and since we needed to let people know where it was, we got some large vinyl banners suitable for attaching to the outside of the building. I know you’re wondering how we attached them to the outside of the building, well… it wasn’t duct tape. Duct tape is terrible in every way. We used gaff tape. Gaff tape is better than duct tape in every way. I highly recommend it.

And vinyl? It’s pretty tough! It doesn’t really tear easily, and it’s pretty weatherproof. Rain, snow, hail… they shouldn’t cause any damage. Strong stuff!

Oh, you might also want to get your vinyl banners with grommets in them, which will allow you to attach them to things using rope, twine, string, wire, zip ties, or something else. I mean, these will all be fine if you don’t have gaff tape handy. (By the way, gaff tape comes in black and white. Choose the one one that works for you!)

So yeah, here’s the deal… if you were to look for a place to get vinyl banners from, you might just try going to because, you know, I mean, it seems like the guys at would know a thing or two about vinyl banners, right? Right.

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