One word. Just one word… that’s all she had time for, and that word: Bovada.

She was sure of herself, sure of where she was going, and what she was doing, and she had one thing on her mind. Bovada.

She was a sucker for a good video. Some women like books, some enjoy a warm summer evening, but this girl loved a good video, and when it came to poker, she demanded the best.

We’d been through hell and back with broken bones and a broken axle, along the way there were wins and losses, and even a few burritos, but through it all we were certain of one thing, one thing…

Tattoo parlors, dive bars, the finest motors cars, and luxury hotels, they all had their part in our story, but without a doubt, the one things we had, the one thing we’ll always have, is… Bovada Poker.

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